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Shantui new product SR14M-2 road roller

On May 31, the new SR14M-2 roller from Shantui was successfully rolled off the assembly line of the Road Machinery Division. The trial production of this product has succeeded in enriching the product line of Shantui Road Roller and will also become an important weapon for Shantui to open up foreign markets. The promotion and export company, the domestic marketing division, the relevant person in charge of the research institute, and all employees of the road machinery business unit witnessed this exciting moment.

Shantui New Product SR14M-2 Roller Trial Successful

At the off-line ceremony, Chen Wenji, general manager of the Road Machinery Business Department, and Shi Huimin, minister of the Ministry of Technology delivered speeches respectively. Five employee representatives who made outstanding contributions in technology, technology, procurement, and production in the development of new products were commended.
Shantui SR14M-2 roller is a new product specially tailored and designed independently for the local environmental characteristics of Southeast Asia and the Middle East and the market demand for road machinery products. The research and development of the product took only two months from the market research to the product drawing design. During this period, the designers took the initiative to abandon the rest time, day and night, and finally successfully completed the drawing design at the end of February this year. SR14M-2's trial production has always been carried out in parallel with the project. While designing key large components such as engine, transmission, drive axle, and vibration wheel, R&D personnel and procurement, technology, and production departments are fully prepared to purchase components in advance. And product production. All departments involved in the project worked overtime to overcome various difficulties and went all out to do a good job of preparations, which greatly shortened the product development cycle and ensured the smooth release of new products.
The design of SR14M-2 roller has adopted a brand-new design concept in appearance design, driving performance, compaction performance, reliability and maintainability. The exterior uses the new model developed by the company in cooperation with South Korea's DEMC Corporation; the split cab is convenient for container transportation, and the hood is vacuum-applied, ensuring streamlined design and greatly improving the appearance quality. Using Weichai new generation WP6G125E22 turbocharged water-cooled engine, it also features Shantui features; detachable filter element on top of pressure tank, design of stop valve and oil drain valve; waterproof connector for electrical system; oil level sensor; The design of the cover opening at a large angle makes maintenance and repair more convenient.
Shantung Road Machinery Division has been working hard to build Shantui's second-largest host industry chain. After a series of measures such as pre-tech accumulation and production capacity enhancement, Shantui Road Machinery has been standing on the starting line of product development and is increasingly attracting Industry attention. From January to April in 2011, the company's road machinery production machine increased by 68.45% year-on-year; it achieved sales of nearly 1,000 units, and the quality of its products has greatly increased, and it has ranked second in the domestic industry.
According to Chen Wenji, general manager of the business division, at present, the Road Machinery Business Unit actively accelerates the progress of new products to meet market demand; on the other hand, it continues to improve quality and enhance customer credit. The business unit will use the new plant in September this year as an opportunity to continue to diversify its management, straighten out procurement business processes, control product costs, and take measures to achieve new development. In the near future, large-horsepower graders, small-tonnage dual-drum compactors and CE-certified full-hydraulic rollers will be introduced to meet the market's individual needs. (This article comes from Shantui)

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